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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONING We believe it is essential that you wash your units at least once a month using appropriately formulated shampoo brands such as Tressme, Herbal Essences, L’oreal etc. Washing your unit is important as this helps restore its shine and also takes away all dirts from the unit as the braided wigs get dirty as well especially if it is worn very often. Simply dip the unit in a shampoo solution multiple times while also straightening it all the while after dipping. Conditioning is important in your real hair maintenance, we recommend conditioning when the unit looks very dull and dry. Make a conditioning solution; mix two-three caps of conditioner in warm water. Once the conditioning solution is ready, proceed to dip the units while also remembering to straighten out the unit as it is dipped. Dip it in a couple of times, then leave to dry. For that perfect finish, we suggest that an adequate amount of mousse is added onto your units before drying it in order to give your hair life and add that brand new shine, a healthy feel and look. Avoid using excessive amounts of mousse as this will make your units look too greasy. MAINTENANCE AND TAILORING In order to preserve and prolong the original state of your Braided Units we advice our clients to care for it ‘as if it is growing from your roots’! Our unit specialists recommend regular shampooing and conditioning twice a month. To minimize fall outs, please handle with care and avoid yanking and forceful handling. Styling Be versatile! There are many different ways to alter and transform how you look! Why stick to one style? Our stylists recommend curling with flexirods and dipping into boiling hot water, leave to dry and then remove the flexirods. You instantly have a new look with your braided unit! No Heat? That’s fine! If you prefer not to use any heat appliances, which is perfectly normal, You can easily take chunks of strands of your braided units, and make large braids from each chunk. Loosen the braids after a while and your unit would have a new curly or wavy look depending on loose or tight the braids were! This can be done prior to your daily/evening arrangements or kept in over night. CHEMICAL PROCESSING& COLOURIN The Braided wigs strands cannot be coloured. The braid strands are made using synthetic Kanekalon fibre which cannot be coloured. The human hair on which is braided on however can be coloured but it is not advised to try to colour it as this will weaken the roots of the hair and this can cause the strands to start to fall out. Bleaching the knots is allowed and is possible as the bleach is only put on the lace for a very little amount of time to achieve the scalp illusion effect. AIRING YOUR UNITS Airing your units after taking it off is important, we recommend getting wigs stands to help with proper ventilation of the unit when it snot being worn. The unit should also be kept in a space where the strands can fall freely to avoid bent or straggly ends. Your braided wigs will look better for longer if you can look after it. Your hair is an investment so invest time in looking after it.

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